SEO Auditing 


You are probably visiting this page because something is wrong with your website or your working with an SEO company that you just aren't quite sure about. Fortunately, I can help with both.

What is an SEO Audit?

An audit includes me reviewing your website and basically turning it into a science experiment. I'll test it, review it and provide you with a report on what needs to be improved on the site to help achieve increased rankings. My report will include technical updates and ranking factors that need to be improved immediately. It will also include some suggestions on user-experience and how we can increase your conversions. 


Okay, so now you have a report. Then what? If you are already working with an SEO company or you have an in house development team, they will be able to make any changes. If you don't have either, we can provide a quote to have all the issues resolved. No worries! 


Your website is a business tool. You wouldn’t buy a hammer without the head. You need to be using your website for customers to get to know your brand / business and they need to have a good experience on your site. Guide them through the customer journey and convert them on your website. If your website is broken, slow and confusing, the user will leave your website. Which is what you would do if you found just the handle of a hammer. The hammer becomes just a stick and not used for its original purpose.  


Let’s connect so that you can start using your website as an effective online tool. Hop on over to my contact page to complete the short form or reach out by phone.