PPC Auditing 


What does a PPC campaign audit look like?

There are many factors that we look at when reviewing an already built PPC campaign including:


  • Campaign structure

  • Ad group structure

  • Keyword lists 

  • Keyword types including broad, phrase and exact match

  • Bidding options

  • Location targeting

  • Ad scheduling 

And many other factors that could be affecting how, what, when and why your campaign isn’t successfully performing.

What happens after we complete the campaign audit?

We will provide all of our recommendations in order to improve your campaign along with a quote for Calliope Marketing to update and optimize the account. Easy Peasy! Take the report and update your account or work with us for quick results so that you can take care of your business. We’re just happy to help make your campaign successful.  


Don’t keep wasting money. Head on over to my contact page to complete the short form or reach out by phone. We want your campaign to be successful and we can help get it there.

Worried you’re throwing money out the window with your PPC campaign? If you feel you are paying too much per click or you notice that you are running out of budget quickly, it’s time for an audit. Thankfully not the tax kind.