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Ways to Improve your Google Ads campaign

Now more the ever it is important to have a successful marketing campaign of any kind. But

what if its not? This could mean that you are spending lots of money and getting little or no return on investment. Today, we are going to talk about a Google ads campaign and ways to improve the campaign so you don't lose out on not only sales but money.

Create Ad Groups Separated by Product or Service

What does your ad group structure look like? Do you have A: one ad group and just a whole bunch of keywords together? Or B: do you have multiple ad groups with similar keywords together? If you answered A, we have a lot of work to do. Below have listed to examples of an optimized structured ad group would look for a pet store.

These ad groups could even be broken down another way depending on the type of ad copy you want to write based on the type of audience you are trying to grow. The first example is based creating ads for the pet. The second example is for specific foods for the pet. For people who are ready to buy now you can add words like "Buy" or "Purchase" in front of the keyword. Ex: Buy organic dog food.

Set up Ad Scheduling

When a Google Ads campaign is initially set up, by default it shows 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Thought this sounds amazing and like you will be getting a lot of visibility, it could also hurt you.

This could also be costly if you do not provide services 24 hours a day. Unlike ecommerce, they sell products online all day and consumers can purchase those products at their convenience. But what about a vets office? Unless they are wanting to push emergency services, it could be costing money on low quality leads for those late night online browsers. A vet may want to show up online an hour before they open and 30 minutes before they close to capture the highest quality leads.

Another reason why its important to set you ad schedule is because of budget. If your budget is 50/day vs another business in the same industry being $200/day. It is likely that they will be showing more often because of the higher budget. So its important to choose the times when you receive the most leads or highest converting leads.

Use The Correct Bidding Optio

There are multiple types of bidding and depending on what you have chosen could also be determining where and when you show. Make sure you choose the best strategy to meet your online advertising goals.

Use The Right Keyword Match Types

If your campaign has a bunch of broad match keywords, its likely that the campaign is receive a ton of traffic and not relevant. A quick way to see which keywords are bringing traffic to your site is to review your search term report. From there you can easily add negative keywords so that you don't show up for irrelevant traffic, add new keywords and also adjust their match types.

Optimize Your Ad Copy

Once you have reviewed your ad groups, adjusted your ad scheduling, made sure your using the right bidding and optimized your keyword lists, its time to review your ad copy.

In the beginning you may have chosen A: which was an ad group with a bunch of keywords in one list. Now that those keywords are separated into their own groups, you can now create ad copy specific for one topic. Example: ad copy only related cat food, the types of cat food carried and any specials on specific brands.

If the ad group still would have included dog food, then its likely the user would not be interested in an ad showing cat food options.

Now if campaign numbers are amazing and traffic is healthy but the phones are not ringing or sales are not coming in then we need to take a look at the website and make sure not only that its eye appealing but that users are finding what they want easily. In later blog post, I will go into more detail about creating a converting website design.

If you have enjoyed this blog, please share it with other business owners who may find it helpful. If you are still struggling with your campaign, I would be happy to provide a campaign consultation.


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