• Amber Jarvis

I've paid for SEO for years, but I am still not ranking?

desktop showing ranking report

This is a question we hear quite often and it doesn't necessarily mean that SEO is not right for your website to rank. Below are a list of factors that we believe could affect your rankings if you have not yet achieved them.

1. How old is your website?

Think about how long you’ve had your smartphone. Do you still have the same phone from 2010? Most likely not and if you do, it’s definitely time to upgrade. The same goes for your website. So, what does that mean?

First the most noticeable is that designs change over time and design is the first thing potential new clients see when they visit your website. If your website is not eye appealing, mobile friendly or they are not able to find what they immediately want, they will leave your website. This causes high bounce rates and guess what? Bounce rate is one of the many ranking factors to Google. The higher the bounce rate the more it tells the search engine that people are not finding what they want so they will drop you lower and lower.

Secondly having an old site means that your code is old. Not only could this potentially cause a few bugs or things to look off on your website which could affect your rankings as well. But the search engine will choose more updated sites to make sure a great user experience is adhered to. Again…. Depending on how old your website means that it might not be mobile responsive and in today’s mobile world, that is very high on Google’s list of SEO signals.

2. Are you consistently updating your website with new content?

The saying “Content is King” still holds true. Generating blog posts, adding new pages, and creating video is also something high on Google’s SEO signal list. Consistently updating your website content with popular topics, how to’s and informative videos or blog posts is how to keep up with these evolving times. Millennial and Generation Z are on their phones constantly learning and watching. You can look up just about anything online these days and search engines want to be sure the most useful information is in front of their users when they do.

Think about common topics in your industry and write a blog on it or share a fun or information video. You never know what the search engine will pick up on and being in front of the user shows that you are a leader in your industry.

3. Are you focusing on competitive keywords?

If you are trying to rank for the same keyword that everyone else in the industry is trying to rank for, you will never get there or it will take you a long time. Years even. Then again, I guess that's why you are reading this blog post.

Increase your rankings more quickly by focusing on the least competitive keywords. Long-tail keyphrases are where it’s at. A long-tail keyword is a search phrase that has 3 or more words add a locality and boom, results.

4. Do you have your business set up on Local Listings?

If you haven’t been focusing on getting your business to rank in Google’s local pack, then you have been missing a big piece of the pie.🥧

You probably search locally all the time and haven’t realized it yet. Keywords like restaurants near me, plumbers in 77494 or electricians in Cinco Ranch are all considered local searches which will spit out hopefully the most relevant businesses based on your search. Make sure to create an account on as many local listing accounts as you can and fill them out as much as possible. This will help increase our odds and improve your local ranking.

5. Do you have a lot of website SEO errors?

Those blasted website errors, but they are important. Some common website errors includes:

  • Missing title tags

  • Missing Meta Descriptions

  • Missing H1 headings

  • Slow Load Times

  • Pages do not have enough content

  • Meta details are too long (go over their character limit)

  • Missing image alt tags

  • Missing SSL certificate

I recommend scanning your website through this Free SEO Auditor. It’s easy to read and you can download the details into a pdf for keepsies.

I hope this blog post has been super informative for you and answers some of your long unanswered questions. Shoot me an email if you still have some questions. I'll be happy to provide some additional clarity.